On Stories: My Rationale Explained

What Can We Read About in Men’s Magazines?

Walking past the newsstands will make you see the many different kinds of magazines on display for anyone interested to purchase and read and which contains a different assortment of topics that will interest different kinds of people. There are men’s magazines in the newsstands side by side with women’s magazines and these magazine sometimes feature general topics such as health, sports, women, cars, vacations, and more, or they can also be specialized magazines like exclusively for golf, or cars, or women, etc. Men will find anything that they are interested in reading in these magazines which they can order with a monthly subscription or buy as they see them.

A lot of men read articles on healthy living and they are also interested in physical fitness and muscle building, especially those that will help them acquire a stronger and leaner body. Another area of interest of men is about women and their relationship with them which are discussed in some of these magazines to help men who are struggling in their relationships. Sports is another feature that most men want to read about especially those that are currently in season and featuring different teams, players, team status, schedules, and other important statistics that men are interested in. For those men who love travelling, travel magazines are perfect for providing information on where to go and what to see on the different travel destinations around the world.

Readers of magazines pertaining to a particular city will find many interesting facts about it, places to go, where to dine, attractions, activities, so that people who go there for a business trip or a vacation will know what to expect when in that city. When people read this magazine they will be aware of what is going on in that place and they will also know what the people are like, what they do, and their general characteristics. People who read this magazine will find themselves updated on the current events of the city and the activities and programs that one can participate in.

Although sports can be a feature of any magazine, there are men’s magazines that are especially published for sports. These types of magazines only feature sports and nothing else, and every tournament in the country is covered in the pages of the magazine. If you are a fan of a particular team, you can read about your favorite team in the pages of a sports magazine. You can find interesting facts, history, and plenty of full color pictures that you can enjoy.

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Scoular Image Introduces New Line of Services, Announces Paradise Reef Release


(Naples, Florida)–According to online data portal Statista, analysts expect the global film industry to near the $700 billion mark by decade’s end. Further input from the International Documentary Association points to unprecedented growth in the non-fiction genre; in fact, a 30-year record high has already been set in this field. In an effort to fuel the surging popularity in this sector, John Scoular of Scoular Image has introduced the Florida-based production company’s latest selection of services.

Said Scoular, “Over the last several years, a number of new doors have been opened for filmmakers particularly in the realm of documentaries. Technology is driving our industry and we’re now able to share our work on far more platforms than before. We’re proud to put our passion and expertise to work for artists in a range of industries through our documentary film, video and commercial photography services.”

This infusion of new services comes in conjunction with another notable accomplishment for the company, the recent release of Paradise Reef. In this documentary, underwater footage captured by acclaimed cinematographer Andy B. Casagrande draws viewers into the reefs built by the Naples community following BP’s Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Casagrande and the team at Scoular Image likewise delve into the intertwined existences of the Gulf of Mexico, the Ten Thousand Islands and the Everglades. A Paradise Reef Preview has been made available online for those interested.

In addition to this piece, Scoular Image recently directed and produced the soon-to-be-released Marcus Jansen Documentary Film. Dubbed Marcus Jansen – Examine & Report, this piece highlights the life and career of this renowned New York-born contemporary artist. Other notable names with which the company has collaborated include photographic artist Clyde Butcher, The Palm Springs Art Museum, The Seattle Study Club, PBS and singer/songwriter Natalia Muniz.

Concluded Scoular, “We’re driven by imagination and creativity, and dedicated to using these elements to create captivating stories. Our experience in multiple facets of our industry gives us the tools to help filmmakers, photographers and other artists spread their messages around the globe. As is the case with all our releases, Paradise Reef is available as part of the Scoular Image on IMDB profile, the most all-inclusive and highly sought-after platform in our industry. We encourage those interested to look for additional new releases during the months to come.”

About Scoular Image:

Scoular Image is a full service production company specializing in telling great stories for film and documentaries.

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A Simple Plan: Parties

Benefits Of Having a Bucks Party

A bucks gathering is otherwise called a lone wolves party. This is a social event that is, for the most part, hurled for a man who is going to get married to compliment his last night of chance before entering the establishment of marriage. This sort of gathering is normally arranged by the groomsmen and is typically confined to the groomsmen as it were. There are several bucks parties ideas that the groomsmen can adopt so that they can be able to give their groom to be a memorable bucks party. The groomsmen can choose to draw in themselves in experience, for instance, they can choose to set out on a road trip where they can have the capacity to investigate the distinctive parts of the town.

They can in like manner go out on experience for occasion attract themselves in outside endeavors, for instance, paintballing, range climbing,abseiling or even bungee jumping. If the groom is seriously into cars then the groomsmen can arrange for the groom to get a driving experience on his dream car be it a Bentley or a Ferrari, this will create a memorable experience for the groom to be. If the groomsmen do not want to throw a party then they can be able to hire a small apartment out of the city and just let the guys hang out for the weekend and they can be able to share their memories and also have fun.

In an event where the genuine article reveres calculating, then why not acquire a barge from a calculating association so that the fortunate man and the groomsmen can have a calculating attempt and they can similarly value several beverages while fishing. The groomsmen likewise have a choice of arranging a poker night from a genuine poker merchant for the bucks party,and they can likewise contract a couple of female to have the diversion furthermore serve refreshments to the whole party. Nightlife tour can also be one of the activities that the groomsmen can arrange to have the bucks party,this way they can be able to exploit the different clubs and also the variety of services the clubs have to offer.

The groomsmen can also select to have an engine hustling background to stamp the bucks party where they can have the capacity to appreciate the rate and excite of an engine dashing experience,this can likewise be a decent path to a bucks party and in the meantime make it noteworthy to everybody. Each groomsmen ought to take it upon them to guarantee that their kindred man of the hour to be hosts a paramount buck gathering as the best recollections are made in view of companions, additionally keeping that their time will come and they would likewise need to have a noteworthy ordeal.

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Smart Ideas: Events Revisited


The idea of a bucks party is the last night of revelry and friendship before the man gets tied to his wife.

However, as most stag parties tend to be on the side of mischief, still try to keep a good hand on the partying and keep it out of trouble. For everyone can have a bachelor’s party the right way; one that would be truly worth remembering.

Different people call it by different names – bachelors’ parties, stag parties, bucks parties, bulls parties – though it only refers to the party held in commemoration of a man’s final night in the world of bachelorhood. Such parties serves as his final chance to act and behave mischievously and participate in activities that might not be approved of by his new wife.

A bachelor party is a fun party that involves drinking, gambling, dancing, hired female entertainers, as well as pranks with the soon-to-be groom as the subject of such revelries.

It can be seen as a celebration in commemoration of the old days when all of you were still single, with no responsibilities or a wife and kids to think of whatsoever. It can also be a stress reliever for the people who are present in the party, especially if they are all included in the planning and arrangements for that big day.

If this is your first time to organize and host a stag party, do not fret since it is just like any other parties that everyone would surely want to remember; and if you know the ingredients to what makes a good party, then setting this one up will be easy for you.

If you want your stag party to be worth remembering, try to organize a unique and adventurous party for your entire gang by going shark diving, race-car driving, wine tasting, skydiving or anything you can think of that would give you such an adrenaline rush. Make the most of it since it is your last chance to plan the day – or night – for the whole gang that they would talk about for days to come (in a good way, of course).

Or if you want, why not try parties that focus on activities in the water such as fishing, diving or swimming with the dolphins, white-water rafting among others. You do not have to stick to the common tradition of stag parties (wild and foolish behaviors) and try these one-of-a-kind adventures that your friend’s future wife will definitely approve of.

However, if everyone in the gang is tired and would rather want a more subdued and relaxed activity to celebrate the stag party, plan a round or two of golf instead. Though remember to bring with you enough refreshments to celebrate the day’s events or whoever wins the game.

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